This is a brand new product.  As I receive more testimonials I will post them below.

* Paul,

Yup, did so much 'work' with The Body Swing that I had to take myself out to give it a go today. First 18 holes I have played in a while due to my injury, but wanted to really get more time in playing situations.

Wasn't overly concerned about the score, just about hitting proper shots and doing the setup perfectly. Some good results including birdies on two holes in a row, which I've not done in quite a while.

Drives are right on target and I did have one at the 300Y mark today, which was cool cause it barely felt like I even hit the ball! I love that...

Pretty exciting and I'll be back playing competitive match play (skins) with my buddies on Friday.

Kim Bozik

* I'm only part way thought The body swing so far it's great . Great  job putting it together . Thanks. Paul

Allan Leurquin

* I particularly like the small booklets for the golf course and the driving range. I had started to make my own but Paul has made it much more concise and clear to use, and only gets the main points. Mine were getting a little too detailed.


Brad Goodison

* Paul,

Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent job on the new book. I have gone through it pretty well now and am impressed. My grip had gotten sloppy and left hand wasn’t turned over properly. Wrist action is way better with a neutral grip, I am not sure why (and have always worried about the cupping it causes) but it felt way better today on the range.

I have a real tendency to disconnect my arms from my chest (body trying to remove tension) which kills my torque. I will continue trying to slow things down and work on positions, very difficult as an adult learner of the game (I was 25). I find the club usually feels quite light and I want to kill the ball, which I am sure you have never heard before. J

Anyway, thanks for the great stuff, now I have to put in the work. I ran into you briefly at Bear’s Best last summer in the pro shop, hope to see you again out there sometime.

Keep up the great work, I love your stuff.


John Kitts

* Thank you, Paul, for developing the “Body Swing” book and videos.

The quality of the instruction in both the book and videos is outstanding.  The booklets, small enough to put in your golf bag, go above and beyond expectations. I particularly like the fixes you can use on the course.

It is a great package and a wonderful contribution to the instruction of golf.  You have helped me make significant improvements and added much enjoyment to my game.

Thank you!

Don Brush

* Hi! Paul ,

recently bought your full body swing tutorial from you.Seriously started practicing,and followed your instructions.Yesterday I won a prestigious tournament.

I am thrilled and thanks a lot for your sincere efforts to teach scientifically to all your students.Best wishes

One of your fan


* The Body Swing is great , the positions have been a great help already.


Paul Walton

* The book is extremely well laid out and in the right order, the photos are really good.

Mark Bellamy

* Hey Paul,

This is Shane. I have been playing golf since August of 2014. My first day on the driving range I was chopping wood and really tired after like 10 minutes. I figured I must have been doing something wrong.

I went home and searched youtube for golf swing tips and found your videos. I started using your techniques and tips. Today I'm playing with about a 18 handicap and all my friends wonder how I have power with such and easy swing.

I recently went to a golfsmith store and shot some balls on a simulator. On my shots where I hit the sweet spot, my club head speed is around 119-122 with my driver.

I'm not a great golfer , but I believe your videos gave me a good starting point. Thanks. I guess I just wanted to email a testimonial.

Shane Meyn

Hey Paul,

I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks.

Let me say up front I have only done your program for a week and it has been the best golf week of my life.

I am a lifelong arm swinger and have always looked around the driving range and asked why I could not hit a golf ball like some of the guys and girls there. I have spent thousands on golf lessons over the years just to go the range and forget everything they told me and nothing they said ever clicked with me. I do not feel like it was bad instruction, I just needed a physical connection to check and work on at the range and “The Body swing” provided me with that.

I go to the driving range now with clear objectives and with enough things to keep moving in the right direction and to not fall back to my old ways.

I will admit there have been a few days that I felt a little disappointed but not discouraged. You have made a lifelong arm swinger want to play golf again.

I hit my driver today (strait) for like the first time in my life. I hit 3 out 5 balls with a very relaxed swing they were by no means record breakers but man did it feel good. The 2 balls I missed I knew why- I was so excited that I pulled my head up to see them fly.

I am so glad I found your site, there is still a lot work that needs to be done on my swing but I at least now I feel like I am moving in the right direction.

Thank you again for doing The Body Swing-It has changed the way I approach game of golf.

Michael Truitt

* Paul:

Used your methods in Puerto Rico last week when we played Bahia Mar. Used my old swing (arms) on drive and drove about 175 average on first three holes.

Then began on number 4 to focus on getting my hips turned and driving that right leg. Result- first drive 242, then averaged 230 for the remainder of the round, except one hole where I got a terrific bounce and got it to 250! Gosh!

Thanks a million. I am 67 and never thought i would see North of 200 again. Different game and what fun! Isn't that what golf is supposed to be?


Jim Theodore

* Hi Paul,

After ordering and plunging through the Body Swing videos, beautifully
illustrated and helpful book, spending some time on the range working
through the drills, I went out and took 2nd place in our Club Tournament
this weekend in a field of 120! The Body Swing has refreshed and revamped
my game and I can't say enough good things about it.

You have hit a 'homerun' with this one and it definitely has the WOW factor! Everyone should rush to get this method of swinging a golf club!

Thank you so very much!

Jerry Baker

* Paul

I am an older businessman who plays golf poorly after close to 60 years of trying. Still it is something to do, enjoyable at times, other than just work at one of my businesses.

I have taken a million lessons, even from Ron and Arnie Frankel in Florida who teach the Ernest Jones method of letting the club swing. The centrifugal force idea worked for a while and then it left the way my other lessons have, due to my evil golf thoughts.

Then I ran across what you produced and posted Paul and began hitting 3 woods off the fairway, something impossible for the last 6 or 8 years.

Now I can also chip from off the green and predict pretty closely the run-out my different short irons will yield and much more.

Your method of training resonated immediately and has made the game way more enjoyable for me. Best of all your lessons should and seem to be sticking. I began watching a couple months back.

You have found a great way to increase the joy in many lives, all while improving your brand. What could be better than that? You are a hell of a teacher Paul. Thank you.


Ed Kelley

*Hey Paul.

I love your book and your lessons are helping.

Todd Line


Thank you for the program. I learned of it from watching one of your Youtube videos, which I love and have done frequently for a long time. When I read your description of the Bodyswing program, I thought you must know me.

I am exactly the person you describe.  A 58 year old golfer who has played since the age of 8, I am one of those frustrated yet addicted golfers who loves the game and yearns to be better, but who never improves. Left, right, skulls, thin, fat, hazards, OOB. 4 to 8 lost balls per round.

I love to practice, yet I virtually never hit a good shot on the course. It rarely feels good. It is maddening.  I have been an 11 handicap forever, and I have taken thousands of dollars of lessons, all of which just cause my scores to go up.

My goal has always been to break 80, but I've never been able to accomplish it. I flip, hit, lunge, all kinds of swing atrocities, but no one has ever been able to tell me why. And now I understand. ALL of the lessons have dealt with the hands and arms, and NONE of them have dealt with how I use my body in the swing.

So, I am very hopeful that yours is the way forward. I have begun poring over your materials, and I am very excited. I truly believe you have hit on the key, and I look forward to getting to work.

I am about to retire, and one of my retirement goals is to get better at the game I love. As an adjunct, I would love to fly to Las Vegas and work with you in person one day. Bucket list.

Thank you again for your excellent presentations on Youtube and for the exciting Bodyswing program. I can't wait to give it a real college try.

Best regards,

Bob Attorri

* I am 68 years old and have Parkinson's disease . I want to thank Paul for his unique way of teaching golf lessons.

My health creates problems with my golf game but Paul's approach to the game has improved my ability to hit better shots, longer drives and has given me something to look forward to.

Thank you Paul

Jim Moore

* Your teachings are just terrific Paul, I am starting to understand and see results!

Thank you,

Brian Banks

* Paul,

You have changed my excitement for golf. I have never hit the ball so consistently. People now watch me at the driving range and ask how it can look so easy. Even my dad dusted off his clubs when he saw how easy it's suppose to be. I'm hoping that you will be getting some new subscribers from Western Wisconsin or eastern Minnesota!

All the best!

Matt Jacobson

*I went through the videos the other night and am now reading through the book

I started at 55 and definitely fit the category of a brute arm swinger

36 stablefords points today after one practice off handicap nine (last 2 rounds 24 and 28 points) This is with probably only getting it 20% right

So very happy

The short game tips also look brilliant

I’m already doing a lot of  swinging at home and have now told my wife it is compulsory


Paddy Smith


Thank you for the BodySwing instructions. I have been working with it for about a month.

First thing I noticed that to get my legs to touch my stance is more narrow. I didn’t think I had a wide stance but there is a difference.

The second thing is I had to slow down. You would think that rotating as fast as possible would mean that you’d have long drives. It’s sort of the opposite. I do two or three practice swings before I swing. I do them slowly.

With the arms powerless, you cannot try to steer the ball. All you can do is swing.

I have become more accurate and I have had several 250 yard drives, which is about 30 yards more than I had before working on the process.

Thanks again,

Patrick Birch

* Hey Paul,

I am taking the program step by step. Working on my practice swings and everything. I am just now on the lesson of Powerless Arms.

I just have to say the content you provide is out of this world. You not only provide such a passion for the game, and your swing, you deliver it in the manner as if I was right there with you.

Overall, I am just so pleased with your product and genuine approach. I really really really want to commit to this, and I am trying so hard because I have been all over the map the last couple of years. I can score well, I know it, I just need to get consistent.

Thanks again for my ramblings, Paul. I hope you are well - and thanks again for being you!

Matt Lampitt

*Paul I just had to tell you about my round the other day. I really had no business playing because I tore a muscle in my inside my left rib cage ( I am a right handed golfer) but played anyway. This is very painful on the follow through. It's been like this for 6 weeks

I told my son in law how bad I have been playing and I would go as long as I could but never thought I would finish. I never hit a practice ball I just took some easy rhythmic swings and started.

My first drive was down the middle but barely 190 ( about 50 yards short of normal). so it was driver, hybrid,one chip and one put for par.

The next hole was a little worse drive, a 3 wood pushed some bad stuff and a double.

I almost quit on 8 because of the pain but I had a string of 6 pars in a row so I just kept swinging with rhythm and legs.

After starting +2 after 2, I shot 1 over the rest of the day for a 73 and missed two small putts because I leaned over out of turn to tap in and missed

This was clearly my best scoring day of the year. I have been waiting since April when I first started your online lessons for a break out round. I know my swing is better it has just never resulted in results

I just wanted to give you credit

Craig Layton

*Hi Paul,

I have a major problem. I watched the first eight videos and started doing the drills and four steps, etc. Everything felt great. I stopped by the range this morning and hit a small bucket just to get a feel of the swing changes. The balls were flying off the the club head straight and true. I thought, wow, this really does work.

Here is the problem, I just got home from playing nine with a friend. Now my seven iron is going 175+. 5 iron over 200. I even over-shot the green by 40 yards with a 58 degree wedge! My 9 iron is going over the 128 yard green! I just can't believe this....

As you can see I am actually extremely happy! For a 62 year old guy to hit these clubs like this is a true joy! I play RBZ irons and woods. This has just been amazing. The exciting part is what is to come as I learn to control the distances better.

As for the 9 hole round- 4 over (par 30) and missed an eagle by less than one inch!
Thank you again. Hopefully we can meet someday to shake your hand and thank you personally. As for the back, just a little sore. Less than normal.


Gary Boyett


Your tips a great, well done! It is starting to happen

Kind personal regards

Alex Fowler

*Hello Paul,

I read your book and applied the teachings. I just played a very tough course and shaved off 10 strokes.

Thank you!

Chaz Meyer

*Hi Paul

I have been practicing at home with little range time due to weather and work.

I did play one round and worked on the 60% swing thought while hitting my 4 positions. Although I didn't score well my drives went 20 yards further and I consistently flew over the greens on approach shots. Still a lot of work ahead but very encouraged.

Bob Hart


I am sending this email to let you know how much your golf swing technique has helped my game.

I have always been a severe slicer which of course meant I was always swinging with my arms. I had private lessons, read books, subscribed to Golf Digest and made funky adjustments to compensate for the slice all to no avail.

By July of this year, I became so frustrated that I decided to do something about it and started exploring on the internet.

When I came across one of your instruction videos on You Tube I was hooked. Your presentation, manner and simple techniques just clicked with me. I began to see changes immediately.

I am 67 years old and was shooting anywhere between 102 to 110. I am now consistently shooting around 90 to 92 but I know I can do even better.

Since I have completely revamped my entire swing and thought process, I still have work to do. Golf is fun again and I am now competitive with my golfing friends.

Thank you for the drills, tips and everything else for that matter.

It was money well spent.


Bill Smeltzer


I have to admit that i`ve been a machine gun on the range since i picked up golf in May . I can`t leave the "practice" club alone at home and now i can actually work on something while swinging the club.

I`ve tried other training programs but nothing comes close to the way you approach teaching . The step by step instructions are wonderfull and just makes a lot of sense to me.

I fully believe your swing will fit me perfectly since i naturally wanted to
swing my hips since the first day at the range , i just did`nt know how to do it the right way. I`ve been doing between 50 - 100 practice swings pr day the since the purchase while focusing on the checkpoints and the grip/setup.

Count me in as a true believer and a highly motivated pupil 😀


Even Gramstad

*Thanks, Paul. I appreciate the tips and reinforcement.

I've tried to take practice swings when I can but mostly my thought has been "powerless arms". Results have been positive. Shot the lowest around of the year, and best round at my course (Copetown Woods Golf Club). 80. I believe today's tip will provide me with sufficient reinforcement.

I hope that I will be able to share another update before the end of the season.

Happy "Canadian" Thanksgiving!

Anthony Scarfone

*Hi there,

I've watched the videos. And I work at a golf range so I get plenty of practice.

I have been practicing the grip and follow through and holding the club lighter and so far very pleased. I have access to a great monitor and in the short time I have been following your videos I have already seen an increase in club head speed of 8 mph so very pleased so far.

Ian Brearley

*Ball striking now much improved, very consistent. I'm exhilarated to have a consistent action without striving and straining. Played a few holes at my club yesterday after practicing; hit a 3 wood to a par 5 green pin high. That impressed me.

When I'm practicing, I line up the alignment stick with a pine tree or a net pole in the distance. I find it better to keep clear of the yardage markers because it can be discouraging while grooving the new swing. Best to concentrate on striking the ball solidly first. This idea might help some impatient students who complain about losing distance with the new swing.

Besides, once you can strike the ball consistently well, you can still score decently on the golf course. Playing is enjoyable anyway.

The downswing trigger refinement was very useful: pushing off the right upper instep. It helped to try a few out and that's the one that worked best. Funny, I wouldn't have thought the choice of trigger would matter . . .

The mind in golf is another facet of the swing. Best to refine that aspect of the mechanics as well. Everyone visualizes and internalizes their swing differently I guess . . .

Great work Paul.

Anthony Guidice

* Results will vary from person to person.