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2 Simple Steps Can End Your Slice Forever!  Discover This Proven Slice Fix Today!


If you're slicing the ball you're not playing to your potential. I'm asking you to read what I have to say on this page. It affects anyone who slices ... or fades the ball with driver or long irons.  This page will finally explain how to cure a slice and it's easier than you think ... so read on.


Even though I'm a pro, I know that slicing the ball sucks. Not only do I work with students who slice the ball but many years ago, I too was a slicer.

So how did I fix my slice? Well ... I just asked our assistant pro. He was a great player so I thought he could tell me how.

With his advice, I did stop slicing the ball but he only told me what I refer to as STEP 1. With only the first step, I ended up with a huge pull hook. Although a pull hook is better because it'll create more distance, it still creates bad shots. Most times they're just as bad as slices.

It wasn't until many years later that I figured out STEP 2. This step straightened out my shots allowing me to keep the ball in the fairway. Knowing this, totally transformed my game and allowed me to take it to a whole new level.

This is Different ... And It Works

To properly cure your slice, there actually 2 steps you must follow in a specific order. These 2 steps are exactly what I will teach you in my How To Cure A Slice Video series.

These 2 steps will allow you to cure your slice in minutes ... guaranteed. Now, you may think that you've this before ... I'll tell you right now ... you haven't.

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"Common Slice Fixes" That DO NOT Work

I recently did a google search for "how to cure a slice" and I found 20 things that were suggested to stop slicing.  All of which do not work. Here they are:

  • 1. Drop your right foot back
  • 2. Strong grip
  • 3. Pre-tilt at address
  • 4. Play the ball more forward, ball the ball back
  • 5. Feet together drill
  • 6. Drop back foot back drill
  • 7. Turn knuckles down through impact
  • 8. Pull the chain to start down pull down before you turn
  • 9. Swing to first base, Hit to right field
  • 10. Set tees in a line from inside out
  • 11. Put 3 balls down and hit the middle ball
  • 12. Take the club more inside going back
  • 13. Swing 8 to 2 o'clock
  • 14. Elbow to the right hip in downswing
  • 15. Vizualize the shape of an insde out golf swing
  • 16. Hit the inside quadrant of the ball
  • 17. Vary the wrist bend at the top of the backswing
  • 18. Stop your swing at impact making sure your stacked
  • 19. Swing into an impact bag
  • 20. Turn your back foot out to increase your turn

So that's a pretty big list. Have you ever tried any of them? If so, they obviously don't work because you're here still trying to find out how to cure a slice.

I'll tell you right now, in no way do I teach any of these things. I teach 2 simple steps, that's it. And these 2 steps have literally cured thousands of slicers in minutes.

Don't believe me? Well, I don't just say I can do something ... I prove it.

WATCH:  As I Cure The Slices of Actual Students

* Results will vary from person to person

Regular Price: $47 TODAY ONLY: $27

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This is a one-time purchase.  There are NO monthly or hidden fees.

This Works for Anyone, Male or Female or Whatever Your Skill Level

No matter who you are, or what your skill level, my How To Cure A Slice video series is for you. All you have to do is learn the 2 simple steps and in minutes your slice will be gone.

Not only that, if you ever slice a ball in the future, or when you play, you'll know exactly how to fix it. What an incredible feeling that will be ...

I Know I Can Fix Your Slice

My Name's Paul Wilson, Director of the Paul Wilson Golf School at Bear's Best Las Vegas as well as the founder of, creator of Swing Machine Golf and The Body Swing.

Since 1991, I've been teaching players of all genders and abilities a powerful, effortless, pain-free golf swing.

It's a great feeling taking someone who has tried everything to cure their slice (sometimes for 30 or more years) and fix it in minutes.

Into the future, I'll continue to build great swings and cure slices as well as all other flaws.  Hopefully, word will spread and we can eliminate these swing faults forever and get people play their best golf.

Real Testimonials
From Golfers Who Cured Their Slice In 2 Steps

* Results will vary from person to person

*Hi Paul,

I am not sure if you read this or it is just a mass mailing but I wanted to tell you about my results.

I watched the videos and the tips were exactly what I need. I used to be a long driver for a while but took time off from golf and had some back issues.

To make a long story short, when I started playing again I honestly waned to quit. Couldn't hit a fairway on my best day. Did you drills in the morning and played 18 in the afternoon. I was amazed!!!!

Got my drive back and felt great about my game again. Golf pro at my club saw my swing today and said it was really nice and LONG.

Thanks again - would like to get a few more tips to keep lowering my scores.


Stanley Skolny

*Hi Paul, thanks for checking back.

After watching your videos my 4 year old and I went to the range and practiced all morning (she is quite the site with her little bag of clubs walking up the range).

I played yesterday with my regular group of 8 friends on our home 9 hole course. I won 8 out of 9 skins and shot a 39, the best I hit the ball all summer hitting all the fairways and driving a reachable par 4 for a bird.

My friends were all amazed how that; in a matter of a couple of days my drive was straight as a whip and one of the longest of our group.

I can't stress enough how much your instruction and lesson helped my drive. Thank you.


Terry Rideout

*Hi Paul:

Your videos on curing the slice dropped my game score by 3 or 4 strokes for 9 holes, plus the ball is going straight with no right tail on it, and I am hitting a lot more greens in regulation. Woo Hoo

I can't thank YOU enough!

Paula Elliott

*Single best lesson for curing or at minimizing my slice It was amazing.

After my first lesson by myself on the range I played the draw my next round of golf.

Talk about a feeling of accomplishment. Thanks I will continue to refer back to your lessons for more instructions. And god bless golf:-)

Kerry Bennett

*These are the most useful golf videos I've seen.

I applied the information on the range and a 9 hole game yesterday. The slice is cured. Now it's a matter of being consistent.

I can't believe the difference.

Thanks for the videos.

Paul Fazioli
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This is a one-time purchase.  There are NO monthly or hidden fees.

Here's What You'll Learn
In The How To Cure A Slice Series ...

First, you need to know what causes a slice in the golf swing. This is important because you need to understand the root cause.  Once you know why you're slicing, you can avoid it in the future.

Next, I talk about how your equipment could be making you slice. A lot of people are using the wrong equipment.  A simple check of your clubs could make curing your slice even easier.

We then move on to the neutral grip - so you're not putting a band aid on your shots by doing a strong grip.  I don't teach band aids.  I want you to learn the best way to cure your slice.

Then, it's on to alignment because I want you to hit the ball straight from a square stance, not just hitting pull hooks like I did.

Now we move on to Step 1 which fixes the Spin. Learning this will finally straighten out your shots with driver and long irons or even get you hooking it.

Finally ... it's Step 2 which fixes your direction. This is the missing step you need to learn to stop you from hooking the ball. Yes, I said hooking it.  With my technique you really can, and will, finally hook the ball but as I said earlier, hooking it can get you in trouble too so you need to learn this step so you can hit it down the middle.

Great.  This is going to save you a lifetime of slicing the ball.  Everyone I know who ever took up the game of golf sliced it.  If you can bypass this step you can save yourself years of frustration.

This is an excuse.  I already showed you that I cured 9 slicers in that school and the longest it took was 12 minutes 49 seconds.  This really is the fastest slice cure you will ever find.

title 3

No you haven't because if you did the 2 steps I teach in my How To Cure A Slice video series, you wouldn't be slicing it right now.  My slice cure is totally different.  It works amazingly well and will cure your slice.

title 4

Perfect.  If you don't fix your slice now you're only going to get worse.   A slice already flies shorter.  Imagine how short your shots will be in the future if you don't do something about it now.

It's Fast and Easy

Learning the How To Cure A Slice technique is fast and easy:

Ever since I started teaching golf 25 years ago, my thought has always been to teach people FAST and EASY.  I knew way back then that people led busy lives and didn't have a lot of time to practice. With this said, you can literally learn my How To Cure A Slice system in minutes.

Wouldn't it be great to go out your very next round and hit the ball down the middle instead of blowing it out of bounds or in the trees or water? It's a great feeling plus it gives you confidence that you really can play this game and reach your potential.

So, let's recap what we've learned so far:

  • The slice fixes you have done in the past do not work.
  • There are 2 steps to fixing a slice and they must be done in a specific order.
  • This works for anyone, any age or ability.
  • My slice cure is fast and easy.

It's Simple ... But It Works

DON'T be fooled by how simple the How To Cure A Slice system looks. Why make things difficult if you don't have to? All you have to do is learn 2 steps to cure your slice forever.

In the system, you're not going to be doing a ton of slice drills hoping you're going to one day fix your slice. Once you watch the videos, you'll instantly know what to do so you can fix your slice today.

If you watched the earlier video, you saw me teaching a golf school where I cured the students slices in minutes. To learn something this quick, it had to be simple so they could understand it and apply it right away.

Why the Low Price?

I just wanted to make this affordable because there are so many people desperate to stop slicing the ball with driver and long irons. Instead of dropping hundreds on a new driver, lessons or expensive training aids, you can pick this up at an affordable price.

I'm starting at this low price as long as I can keep up with demand. As word gets out, I know we'll be busy fulfilling orders and handling customer service.  When this occurs, I will raise the price.

We’re not a big company. Right now, we don't have these major costs from rent, employees etc. so we can start out at this low introductory price.

In order to capture exactly what I teach in this system, we shot, produced and edited the videos ourselves. Without huge production costs, I can pass this savings on to you.

All of this information is condensed into super-simple to follow videos. So I think $47 is a VERY fair price to you ...

cure slice box

Regular Price: $47 TODAY ONLY: $27

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This is a one-time purchase.  There are NO monthly or hidden fees.

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Simply try the How To Cure A Slice Series for 90 days.  If you don't feel you are hitting your driver longer than ever before then send us an email and we will refund your purchase.  You literally have nothing to lose so give the How To Cure A Slice video series a try today.

Only a Limited Amount Will Be Sold at this Low Price

Regular Price: $47

TODAY Only $27

Offer Ends In:

Thank you very much for your interest my How To Cure A Slice system. I truly appreciate it and hope that you will join me in curing your slice forever.

Playing poor golf isn't fun. I know because many years ago I too sliced the ball. I spent years trying absolutely everything to fix it but nothing worked. I just happened to luck out and cure the first part of it by asking our assistant pro.

Then through years of learning the how the golf swing works, I figured out Step 2 which was absolutely vital to straightening out my shots.

Now I want to pass these 2 steps on to you so you too can play your best golf!

P.S. - Remember, if you think you've tried absolutely everything to cure your slice in the past you haven't. This system is totally different to anything on the market or anything you have tried. Why would I teach anything anyone else is teaching to fix a slice. It doesn't work.

Using my new system called, How To Cure A Slice, I've seen men and women of all ages dramatically improve their games by eliminating their slice which allows them to gain more distance and hit more fairways ... I have taught this since 1991 and it really is the fastest, easiest way to cure your slice.

As you saw in section 4, it's very simple. And you might be asking yourself, why is this only $37. It's only $37 TODAY ONLY $27 because I want everyone to cure their slice. I hate seeing golfers not play to their potential when I have such a simple cure that works amazingly well. There is a different way to cure a slice and I want everyone to learn it. Click here to order now.

P.P.S. - Remember, you have a full 90-day trial period to put the How To Cure A Slice system to work for you! Put this program to the test with the "no questions asked" Money Back Guarantee.  You can't lose...

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconIs This Just a Video Series?

    Yes, this is just a video series.  There is no book to go along with it.  As much as doing a book sounds like a great it is not necessary.  This system is so simple you will understand exactly what you need to do to fix your slice in minutes.

  • q-iconDo You Have Physical Versions?

    No, this product is only available in digital format.  Again, it is so simple to understand you only need to watch the videos and you are on your way to curing your slice forever.

  • q-iconWhat Is the Guarantee?

    You have 90 days to try the How To Cure A Slice series.  If you don’t get the fastest results that allow you to accomplish your goal then just email us and you can get 100% of your money back.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • q-iconDo They Work On An Ipad Tablet?

    Yes, you can easily watch the videos on any tablet.  If you want to download the videos, we suggest downloading to a computer first then syncing to your device.  If you download directly to your mobile device you’ll need to unzip the files with an unzipping app that is available in your app store at no charge.

  • q-iconDoes This Work On a Mac

    Yes, we have tested all videos downloads on a mac and they work perfectly fine.

  • q-iconDo You Offer Private Lessons or Schools?

    Yes, for information on lessons and school please go here:  Paul Wilson Golf

Disclaimer:  Although I have received thousands of testimonials from actual golfers who have improved their games and/or implemented the 2 steps included in my How To Cure A Slice series individual results may vary.  For best results, the instruction requires understanding and practice to achieve maximum results.

The creators and producers of this video assume no responsibility for personal injury or loss that may occur as a result of the following instruction and advice herein. Viewers should consult a physician if they have any doubts about their physical ability to play golf.

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