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Book Chapter - Position 1

Here you will find the Position 1 sample chapter from The Body Swing.  This goes hand in hand with the videos below.  Just click this link and the PDF will open in your screen.  READ CHAPTER HERE

Sample Lesson - Position 1

In this sample lesson you will be learning the first position I call the Touch the Legs position.  This position allows you to uncoil your body properly as you swing down and through.  Please work on it exactly as I show at home, at the range and even when you play.  If so, you will be on your way to learning The Body Swing.

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Hi Paul.

Thanks for your email. I am from Malaysia and I have been watching your videos on YouTube for about half a year now.

When I first changed to adopt your effortless swing method, I was struggling to reach 210yards. Before changing my saying, I averaged 220 yds. After 4 mugs of dogged perseverance, my last 2 outings recorded an average of 240yds. I longest drive I managed was 2 weeks ago when I managed to drive a total distance of 280. I still doesn't know how I did it and have not manged to repeat it again. The furthest I got was 250 yds last week.

I am a weekend golfer and am 60yrs old. My target to reach 300yds. Is it still possible for me? Much appreciated if you can give some pointers how I can achieve it.

Thanks and regards.

David Wong

Dear Paul,

I wanted to drop you a line about my experience with The Body Swing Plan. I received the plan about two weeks ago. It has made a wonderful difference in my golf game. I used to be one of the worlds worse slicers. Since I started your program the slices have disappeared. Also my swing is much smoother and my yardage with each club is greatly improved. Bottom line: my confidence is much greater and I enjoy the game much more.

Kindest regards,

Mike Keeney

I watched one of your golf tips, practiced it until I felt comfortable with the sequence, then played nine holes today. OMG!!!

On the backswing mentally focused on: club...HEAD, then
Buc...KLE ( hip turn), then and only then, initiated the downswing.

It is the first time that I let the body lead and my relaxed hands and arms came along for the ride. It is a new, different feeling that never occurred before.

Finally able to hit a drive a good distance and straight. Finally able to hit fairway woods properly with similar results. It was such an enjoyable experience.

Kudos to you Paul!

Greg Hutton (age 73)


Best investment I have ever made in Golf. I have been taking lessons weekly for 12 months and not until I went through the video/read the materials, did it finally click.

Thank you

Michael Heideman