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Book Chapters - The Body Swing

Here you will find all the sample chapters to the ebook that go with the videos below.  Just click this link and the PDF will open in your screen.  READ CHAPTERS HERE

SAMPLE 1 - The Game of Opposites

There has to be a reason pros, little kids and petite players can hit the ball a long way with what appears to be an effortless golf swing.  This short video will explain it. Once you know how you are on your way to having a swing like this too.

SAMPLE 2 - Understanding the Golf Swing

Most people think that learning a great swing is complicated or they can never swing like that.  This video explains that you have already done the the very same moves in golf in other motions.  Knowing this will give you the confidence to learn a great swing.

SAMPLE 3 - How To Practice

You need to practice if you want to learn The Body Swing but you cannot practice how you have done in the past.  If you do, you will get the same result.  I want you to learn how to practice at home, at the range and even when you play.  There are no excuses anymore.

SAMPLE 4 - Cure Skying/Blading

Here is 1 of the fixes from the Fix Your Own Swing section of The Body Swing.  These are popular mistakes (especially skying the driver).  Once you watch this tip you will finally know how to fix it.  Keep in mind all flaws are included in the full version of The Body Swing.

Stay Tuned ... More Samples To Come!

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